Life Is Like Tough As A Rock But Sweet As Candy. Read Count : 11

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I was born in the Subburbs of Paris France in the city of Lorie France.Around Friday November 23rd.1962.The first 6 months I was Learning to crawl like a slow turtle.
Than me and my family got ready to leave we had to move to South Carolina we lived there for four years but during the year’s we played and made friends and I had a hamster I named him Sam I am he was so much fun and I enjoyed playing with him he was so cute and much like me one day he was like lost and cried like 
But I didn’t know where he was but somehow he crawled up the pipes in the drier and ended up in my neighbor’s apartment.our
Neighbors son came over to our apartment and brought him back to our family we thanked him for bringing him back to me.


  • Sep 07, 2020

  • nice story

    Sep 07, 2020

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