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So, I live in Florida. It used to be everyone's dream vacation, and I never knew why. America in general is a mess right now, but Florida always has been terrible. Or, at least I think it has. Everyone I have ever met here has been dramatic and/or self involved, or petty and attention seeking. All of the friends that I have had at this point have exposed themselves as fakes. In all honesty, not only are the people here fake, but also insanely stupid. I don't understand what goes on in the minds of some of these idiots. I was raised better than that. I've always been able to tell right from wrong, I've been smarter than everyone I've come into contact with, and FAR more mature. As of right now, that's both a blessing and a curse. I've always been like this, but I guess I was a bit more open when I was younger? As a child, I never liked toys, games, or anything the other kids would consider "fun." I still don't enjoy any of those things, but I feel that as a younger kid I shouldn't have felt those ways compared to now. I always liked school, which I guess is normal for some children, but, I had more of an obsession with learning. Instead of having fun like a normal kid, I spent my time rethinking the things that I learned in school, spending as much time as I could on homework simply out of boredom, or practicing math and spelling. I've obviously grown out of my obsession by now, but my need for knowledge has grown. By "knowledge" I mean things that school can't teach me. I understand things on a much deeper level than others. No teacher could teach me most of the things I know. I prefer to focus on spirituality. Spiritual gifts, chakras, meditation of all kinds, etc. Despite how stupid these things may sound to some people, anyone spiritual is most likely a lot smarter than people who are not. I mean that on a very deep level. Once you understand these things, everything you thought you knew, changes. You begin to realize that everything is deeper than it seems. That's how things work for me. My understanding of the world around me is insane. Sometimes though, that causes me to overthink things. There are so many different ways of seeing things, of doing things. Ways that most people would have never bothered to think about. There are so many solutions to everyday problems that no one ever takes the time to acknowledge. For example, even in school, I'll be doing a test, and there will be a question that requires a specific answer, but nobody looks at anything else but that answer. It could be correct, but it all depends on what the situation is. There are so many more possible responses, but no one thinks about that until someone else points it out. 
At this point, it's not even that I'm too mature. There's no such thing as being "too" mature. Everyone else is just too stuck up to think about anything other than what they believe. And that's a fact.


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