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A lonely chill whistles through the frigid cavern 
Taken away by an illusionary, safe disaster

A quantum pipeline floods the tunnels beneath the skin
Liquid darkness chases away the sickness within

Daytime vampires still avoid their reflection 
So too when you've become a human pincushion 

To my misfortune, I still know I'm alive
Seeing that ghoulish figure in her eye

Time speeds up when similarities arise
Finding out she was like me brought no surprise 

Though the lack of courage in me I'll always abhor 
Ignoring muffled cries as she was defiled on the floor

Victimized by a demon of southern descent 
Who's persuading chemical garden agreed to pay rent

My heart again tricked into exploited compassion
Being used, an empath's true addiction 

Squeezed dry of all sympathy for this toxic being
With all exits locked, only death could intervene

But waking up wasn't included in the script 
His last minute changes I couldn't prohibit 

Yet, an unexpected relief set in, seeing that he had fled
Only to be cut short upon sight of an empty vessel left in my bed

For a virgin to the life I was enslaved 
Such combined chemical gifts are grave

No drug in the world alleviates the anger and heartache

Nor the wishful chance to tell Death he'd made a mistake 


  • James Keith

    James Keith

    did he forgive himself and stop the horrors did you forgo asking or to implore most people stare then ignore his simple malfeasance was just a way to put an end to keep it all at bay just one voice to speak up and let it be known hes not alone.

    Sep 04, 2020

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