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As 6 years is about to hit since I left my ex husband the nightmares are starting to get worse. I wish I could say I’m use to it but every nightmare I have wakes me up in a cold sweat and makes me wish I could just not dream at all. My nightmares are so vivid and sometimes I wake up so sore because it feels like I’m back in that abuse. Last night was bad. I dreamt ....
My ex husband and I were in Walmart he saw a woman walking so he looked at me and our kids and said get lost and took off his ring. I decided to say no. He grabbed an ironing board and hit me with it I was on the floor and he kept hitting me no one helped me they all stood and watched. He hit me one last time and I woke up from the nightmare . I would like to say that was just a nightmare but it actually happened. When will I get a break and not want to cry when I wake up? 


  • Hrridayani Sav

    Hrridayani Sav

    ohh listen i m with u ever the way u hv a nice way of expressing ..

    Sep 04, 2020

  • Sep 05, 2020

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