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Lost and alone I'll never be as long as I know I have me. Full of life my light shines bright knowing one day I'll see the light. Till then god take my hand and lead me where I cant. I'll try my best through the rest knowing one day I'll pass the test. Wont let you down even when I do, asking forgiveness is all I owe you. Not perfect by any means, I'll screw up time and again but I know it's all part of your plan. I know I'm not average I have a big heart, I've felt and seen things that would RIP others apart. Life is a tragedy we must live through until that day we come home to you. Till that day comes I'll keep moving along with my head held high singing your song. My mistakes you gave me so I could be, one of the ones that get to teach. No longer taken personally, I own my past and what's become of me. Just keep me close I wont let go, cause I know, someday itll be my life to toast. Thank you for my blessings in fact, all my failures made me appreciate that. Remember my name while I talk to you, slow and steady I will make it home to you.


  • Sep 09, 2020

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