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Victim of circumstance and natural selection. I got the mind with a fucked up question. Why am I here what's my purpose to live and die at my discretion.My mind is twisted in every direction. I hear voices and feel their presence. You wouldn't understand unless you asked the right questions. For the sake of magic we will use discretion when I ask you what's wrong its really not a question. I can feel your emotions hear your words too, you dont have to say anything its emanating off you. Some admit that I am right, this curse I have is part of my plight. Borderline personality disorder and life as an empath. That's my curse wish I could take it back. It hurts my soul to feel everything, even the beauty turns to pain. No gray area it's all or nothing, when I cant think straight and forget what I'm doing. I wanna lose my mind forget it ever happened. You wouldn't understand it cant happen.


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