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I'm not broken, 
I'm free.
But you, you hide behind a veil(a veil I've been bold enough to tear)
Afraid to let go...
Of the long hair, the lipstick, the high heels, the short skirts.
You question each time I try you to show my truth.
"Why are you not in a lace dress like other girls? Why aren't you obssessed with your weight? Why do you sound the way do? Why aren't you paranoid about getting your t-shirt dirty or breaking a nail?"
With my shaved head, I may look like a boy
And with my hoarse voice I may sound like one too
My DIY skills may convince you that I certainly am.
"There's nothing feminine about her."
But I'm simply not my femininity and who made your definition of feminine the standard?
My unique is my perfect and I've never asked you to understand me.
All I ask is that you embrace my different.
Or better still...
Spend a day in my skin, in my cage, with my body mass and my shape, with my load.
...but don't cry when the words start to pierce like daggers and thoughts of inadequacy sting like arrows.
Shh! Stay silent. It's just a phase
"How long will it last?"
I really can't tell,
The past 15 months were flammable and I was always an amber,
The blaze was inevitable.
But today,
I came home ready to raise or raze.
Pass me that blade.
I was fascinated by the reptiles and learnt that shedding skin is needful every now and then.
You argue; "But you're a flower..."
And I interrupt; "True! But I'm not my petals. So what if they fall off? Trees lose leaves annually and they're doing just fine."
My shaved head is just ashes, proof that I burned down the turmoil and made it out alive


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