REVENGE OF THE DARK KNIGHT (Book#1,Chapter#24) Read Count : 20

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy
After 18 years of hard practice Prince Leon became a unbeatable and great warrior. He saved Zakandlas many times from outer space monsters and inner rivals. His was kind and great like his father. But this was not enough for his last lesson. Whatever tomorrow was  big day for Zakandlas because it was Leon's birthday and Lord Helorrx death day. So next morning all Zakandlians walked towards Land of Legends grave yard with light balls in the leadership of royal family. All the thunders and lavens were ss sad. Then Electra moved forward and started watching the grave of Helorrx with wet eyes and a smile. After 5 minutes she put her hands for pry. Then all the people put their hands too for pry behind Queen Electra. After 1 hour of pry Electra free her light ball in the sky. And then all the Zakandlians free their balls too. That view was magical. All the sky got so much light up. Then Electra turned back with her axe and said "I know this day is so bad for Zakandlas. No doubt Lord Helorrx was a fire hearted but it beats for whole Zakandlas. He sacrificed everything for us his throne child wife helth and at last his life. But Zakandlians! Don't worry because i giving you Prince Leon son of the Helorrx! Our 3rd king after King Balvin. So now celebrate because our king was not die with failure he save us all" Then all the crowed yelled with passion "Hail to the King.....!!"  After 5 hours all the lights disappeared and slowly all the grave yard started empty. Only royal family remained there.When Electra saw his son she can't control her self and huged him with crying eyes. Then Leon huged her too. Next day a huge party was waiting for Prince Leon. All of the Zakandlians working together for a wonderful set up Balvin Della and Max were working too with people and Queen Electra was watching all this with a smile and in the old memories with Helorrx. After 10 hours of working finally a amazing set up was ready. And finally Prince Leon came out from the castle with his mother. Then Balvin made small sparkling particles in the sky with his powers and Max light up all the party with his powers. Then at 12:OO clock finally Prince became a 18 years old warrior. And then Della made very beautiful magical fire works which made the party magical. Then Leon sat on his throne and started watching all the arrangements. Then Balvin Della and Max came to Leon and Della said "So what are you waiting for cut the cake!" And then Leon said "But where is the cake?" Then Della smiled and clapped her hands. Then immediately a huge cake appeared. Then Balvin gave a sward to the Leon and said "You cake is ready my brother". Then he cut the cake and all crowd made too much noise. All over only happiness was widely spreaded. But then  Prince Leon heared a creepy evil voice "I an coming back ha ha ha ha..!" Leon watched here and there but no one was there. And then he watched a person on the top of Castle and jumped at him. Then Max hold the shoulder of Leon. Leon got scared. Max said "What happened kido why you scared?" Then Leon took a deep breath and said "No iam alright so what are u saying uncle"


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