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what love is it something I'm willing to fight for anymore I knocked on every door and I'm know tried 17 year old with a 2 year old kid it a lot you know it cute and scary going though it alone is hard so I look for love and maybe that wrong for me  but I don't want my daughter to grow up with out a father he died you know there nothing I can do to stop it from happening so I push myself dating this older guys ready to find the guy to marry and be a family with and maybe fall in love later  life get harder with a kid and no one to help alone no friends because you got shit to take care of that most 17 year old kids don't get I don't get to go out when I feel like it or make shitly choices because if I do something  that puts me in a shitly place then I left her alone and I wont that happen  my baby 8 pounds even I died trying to have her and come very close to staying that way she make me keep going she wake up in the morning run to my bed and give me a kiss sometime I feel like she know mommy fighting a battle and that kiss that one kiss that one hug that one I love you mommy get me though it  I have to win this battle I have to I cant give up I wont my child need me I just hate  to think the that white big house and the dog with my little girl and her dad running is never gonna happen happy ever after is over rated it something im slowly  giving up hope on   


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