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Repression: rejection from my consciousness of painful or disagreeable ideas,

memories, feelings, or impulses.

“If I don't talk about or acknowledge my painful past, It doesn't exhist.”

“Amnesia to past life events,”

Denial: to refusal to believe a doctrine, theory, or disbelief in the existence or reality of 

something, Refusal to recognize or acknowledge; a disowning or disavowal.

“Traitor's denial of this country.”

“Denial of the one's leader.”

“Hogwash of lies of NWO”

Regression: Act of going back to a previous place or state;

return or reversion.

“Back to my dark place.”

“Back to bad habits.”

Regression curve. Relapse.

“If I stay in bed an sleep all day, I don't have to deal with anything.”

Idealization: Anger I feel can be misunderstood an misdirected,

toward myself.

“If only I had not been so bad, or misleading I wouldn't have been abused.”

Idealization is often paired with devaluation-a polorized view

in which people are either all good or all bad.

“Choices what makes a person look bad, Doesn't mean there are bad.”

Resistance is information, an my job is to become curious enough to 

understand the message.

“Told by the force.'”

Which is decieved?

“Told by the energy.”

Which is linked?

“Told by the dreams.”

Which message is precieved?

“An there is no doubt this regression has taken place in the course of history.”

“They've got sophisticated reasons why your regression is all wrong.”

“Worst of all, they elide the obvious point that all revolts fluctuate,

between periods of progress an regression.”

Intellectualization: I might avoid feelings by resorting to thinking or

analizing situations.

“I can think my way out of any challenge.”

“unconscious means of protecting myself from emotional stress,

an anxiety associated with confronting painful personal fears or 

problems by excessive reasoning.

“The three heads signify the intellective, dianoetic, an doxatic powers.”

But that the impassivity of the sensitive an intellective power is not similar,

it is evident in the sensoria an in sense with in me.

After awhile, sounds begin to mingle confusedly with my images floating in my brain,

“That certain things are my enemey that exists in a certain direction.”

Projection: reflect of myself feelings an thoughts. 

“I will conceive my perception of the table as a sort of projection,

of your mind comfortably enfolding the table within itself.”

“Mirror effect of twisted anger.”

I will separate the part of me that keeps up the daily tasks,

at times of living from scary or painful emotions or memories.

Dissociation exists on a continuum from relatively mild sensations of

fogginess, sleepiness or difficulty concentrating to feeling

numb or cut my self off.

“Lapse of memory”or “time lapse.” or “lost time.”

Addictions: Why feel anything if I do not have to.

“it is a joy to be hidden an disaster to be found.”

Resistant: Defiant, stubborn, obstinate.

“I feel at times I need to compel the resistant of my brain power.”

“Some times I am coursing beneath polished surface with my writing,

Somethings deep, dark an defiant in my dreams.”

“The feelings of people are expresseed with the same kind of defiant,

individualism as are their tastes.'

“Me being stubborn is what keeps me at bay.”

“Learning from my stubborn is what keeps me learning from my experiences.'

“stubbornness what keeps me in belief of my morals an princples which I live by.”

“stubbornness is part of me, keeps me from mimicing others.”

“the theory of copycat suicides-fueled by media coverage-has long been studied,

in academic circles for generations.”

“Now China has became a copycat nation, they stole from other countries.”

“so many mimic theories, I best choose what is best for me to research.”

“if I go down that rabbit hole, at least I seek the truth no matter how ugly it can get.”

Obstinate: firmly adhering to my self purpose, opinions, I not yielding to certain,

arguments, persuasion by others, or entreaty.

“the majority accordingly converted, the obstinate were exterminated.”

“an now I will ask you a question: 

How can I be astute, if you think of me ostinate?

My life to remove or destroy totally negative surroundings, people an places

that want to harm me.

“them who has not extirpated religious nature, nor crushed out,

through they have suppressed, the craving for god in his beast.”

“False religious, prey on the weak.'

'Take everything as skepticism, always doubt restrictions, read between the lines.

Nothing is not normal about the sense of the word,

in the times we are facing in endless challenges.

“Blessings of staying healthy is only thing to look forward to.”

“What you think once was important, is not important no more.”

Process requires compasion for myself.

Dynomics: motivating or driving forces, physical walking, or moral standstill.

Keep continue towards the pattern of growth, change, an added development learning.

“Like the history of a galaxy is also encoded in the dynamics of it stars.”

“we are all encoded in this life for a purpose of the bigger picture.”

Back-padel after severe criticism seems almost daily.

I am getting criticized just for anything an everything.

I am getting criticized for just being me.

I know I flip-flop on my descisions, changing my mind is not lieing.

When I am feeling attacked verbally I disappear an walk away.

When I am feeling flooded with mixed emotions all I want is to be left alone, sleep all day.

When I am feeling over whelmed by criticized verbal remarks, just leave me be.

“Childish games leave it in the dog house where it belongs.”

“Focus on myself as get where I need to feel greater safety.”

Keep contunueing in my creative writing skills, use my writing as a my resource outlet.

Ambivalence: I of course feel uncertainty or fluctuation at times.

Which causes me inability to make certain choices or simultaneous desires,

to put my foot in my mouth ,so to speak.

Or to say or do two opposite or conflicting things,

with my manic episodes.

Mixed feelings, I have sometimes are threatened or frightened with in myself.

I explore misgivings I have about letting go of my defenses.

Remnant of untrustworthy: when I am feeling criticized.

My internal thoughts of myself start to stuggle my emotions 

of myself.

I just need  to remember to “push forward.”

“try again there is no failure.”

“one day certain goals will be completed.”

“You never to old to learn.”

“Your never to old to experience, experiences.”

“Love Life as we can.”


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