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You feel like I'm being cold you say that i am changing but I'm not and i promise just hear me out I'll walk you though this

Now, I've been so depressed I just need something to help me catch a breath, I don't mean to push away but everytime I'm in my ways people always say I'm being heartless, asking, why am I mean? why am I heartless? but what they don't understand is, I'm not heartless, I just can't feel nothing I'm empty i want to let go of this numbness but can't reach for help when the grasp just keeps stretching and I'm aching this is just exhausting I can't find an exiting and now I think I'm falling but I won't show you this and I don't tell no one because I can't toss this burden onto those I care for I rather hide behind my emotionless door 


  • Sep 04, 2020

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