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      Many high school graduates of this year were looking forward to the freedom and fresh start of the college experience, but found out their classes, campus, or university has been shut down due to this "Covid" bullshit. If you're one of these people, don't succumb to anger, resentment, or any negative emotions. This is an opportunity for many things, such as reading and truly considering the information I'm about to present here. 

      If any of those negative emotions crop up while reading this, just let them pass. By letting it upset you grants me power over you, and that's not what I want, so do keep whatever power is left within you and never grant anyone or anything your inherent human power by letting them get to you. That right there is something one must learn on their own because it sure isn’t taught within the curriculum of our corrupted educational system. 

      Today, there really is no point in wasting one’s childhood, teenage, and prime young adult years being a slave to the educational system. All it is, and has ever been, is an indoctrination into a rigged game. It couldn’t get anymore obvious today, with every bit of human knowledge found with the swipe of a finger. Before “smart” devices and even calculators, people had to study and memorize equations, maps, literature, etc., in order to pass an exam.  Once the exam is passed, whatever was memorized slowly begins to fade from our memory, never to be thought or used again.

      Schools never taught the things we would need to know or use everyday until the day we die. We weren’t taught how to handle everyday issues, with the exception of social interactions and how social hierarchy works, though these aren’t part of their “educational” curriculum. Another major life skill never taught is how to spot manipulation in order to not become exploited or taken advantage of by someone or something, such as the economic system. 

      The educational system is designed to be costly and to deprive us of our ability to ask questions and think for ourselves. These are replaced with a method of conditioning to have us become obedient followers, forced to take things for granted. After years of this type of programming, we begin to accept things that we know in our hearts or from personal experience that we know to be wrong or corrupt. I hope most will agree that this is not how to raise an intelligent person.

      A good example would be a young student with the desire to become an economist accepting without question the fact that private banks create money for free, out of thin air, which keeps people enslaved within the system.   Therefore, within the next stage of the “educational” conditioning system—better known as college—by attending, we enslave ourselves from the very start. 

      Colleges and universities are intentionally priced to force the majority to take out student loans and work to pay them back with interest to the banks that created them for free. On college campuses all over America, you'll see banking booths basically handing out credit cards to new students to help pay for books—among other things. If you haven't learned how credit works, this will ultimately drown you in more debt. 

      We are told from an early age that must receive a college degree, because those who do will earn more than those who don’t. We all want to have the best possible education and had been convinced that this system was not only the proper one, but the only one. However, it’s not until we leave the educational system and venture out into the world that we realize it is in fact a rigged game. Students have already been pre-filtered, picked by qualifications to be the ones who succeed.

      Many people are left to live in regret of this, while still paying off their student debt. But this is no way to live. It is an experience, an expensive one at that, that one must learn from. Scientists, including Einstein, claim that we are all born creative geniuses, and the educational system is what dumbs us down. Yet still, nobody spoke out for changing it. 

      All a degree guarantees you nowadays is a piece of paper showing how you’d been duped into spending thousands of dollars to memorize and regurgitate the opinions of your professors, who are paid to keep you from thinking against what the elite want you to think at the time. Any professor who doesn’t is quickly removed and replaced. 

      A degree is merely physical proof of your own manipulation into the system, which was also funded by you.


  • Sep 03, 2020

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