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All at once.
All of a sudden. 
The doors all swung open.
The lights were all flickering.

The hallways started filling.
More and more was teaming. 
With light overflowing. 
With everything over-brimming.

All at once.
All of a sudden.
The doors began slamming.
Maybe something else is coming.

What if it's damning?
What if it's binding?
What's there in the waiting?
As I keep on walking... 

All at once.
All of a sudden.
Again the doors are slamming.
As well as the lights flickering.

It's been ready for pouncing.
Above you, it's on the ceiling.
The hallways too towering.
You had no way of knowing. 

All at once.
All of a sudden.
There's a clearing where everything
Turned into something, disappearing. 

Now with new leasing.
Find ways of rebuilding.
Keep a certain pacing.
It's not time to start racing. 

All at once,
All of a sudden.
Things will begin bettering.
I hope you all enjoy this little lettering. 


  • Sep 03, 2020

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