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Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom near to the forest away from the kingdom in a small village lived a girl named Anna. She is an orphan. Her neighbour a kind women named molly used to take care of her. Years passed Anna grew up into a beautiful, kind and good-natured young lady. She admires the beauty of the forest. One day when she was out in the forest to collect some beautiful flowers,she saw a beautiful fairy sitting on a big mushroom. She was curious so, she went near to the fairy and hid behind the bushes but the fairy saw her and called Anna by her name. Anna come here, said the fairy, I have seen you, I will not harm you please come near me child I am waiting here for you for so many years. Anna jumped out of the bushes and slowly walked near to the fairy,she was puzzled how come she know my name and why is she waiting for me? thought Anna.Seeing her puzzled expression the fairy smiled kindly.
I know you,said the fairy and my name is lavender. 
Why are you waiting for me? asked Anna.
Because you should save your family, said the fairy.
What?I don't have a family I'm an orphan I think you're mistaken, said Anna.
Mistaken! Not at all my dear princess I'm not mistaken, said the fairy.
What? I'm not a princess,said Anna.
Yes you are I will tell you but you shouldn't tell anyone about this because it is a mortal danger to you, you agree? asked the fairy.
Yes! I agree, said Anna because she want to know about her parents and why she lived as an orphan for 20 miserable years.
Your parents are the rulers of the neighbouring kingdom,said the fairy, you are the first child of the couple king Myda and the queen Twyla,when they left the kingdom on a Important work they were taken away by a evil man named charnmor, then he took away your should save them in a week or else they will die.
Why didn't he take me away? Asked Anna.
Because he thinks you're sister is the only child,said the fairy,he thinks she will destroy him but you will destroy him,if he knew you're alive he cannot touch you because you are very powerful. 
What? I'm not powerful and why anyone tell him that my parents have another child? Asked Anna.
Because when he took your parents away he cast a spell on the kingdom that will make people sleep forever, this spell is powerful if he loses his magical power then the spell will lift, Answered the fairy.
Wait you didn't answer my another question.said Anna.
What is that? Asked the fairy.
Why I will destroy him? And I don't have any powers. Said Anna.
You're destined to do this, don't ask me why even I don't know and for the second,yes you have powers but you don't know it, let me show you, imagine yourself with a shied.said the fairy.
Ok ,said Anna.
When she imagined suddenly a bronze sheid appeared on her left hand,she was shocked.
How is this possible? Asked Anna.
Because you have learnt this in your childhood, answered the fairy.
What? Asked Anna
No time to discuss we should start our journey. Said the fairy.
Ok, Said Anna.
I cannot assist you with this journey,you should go alone ok? Asked the fairy
Er, ok, answered Anna.
Good, now go to the other side of the forest,there you'll see a small house ,go inside be careful not to touch anything,walk slowly, in the centre of the house you will see a sword, slowly take it and leave one of your bracelet there. Open the back door of the house and travel until you see a palace,and here the evil man will live and in beside tower your family will live,go into the tower free your parents then enter the palace and challenge him but don't say him that you're the princess he is looking for.ok? Said the fairy.
Ok,but why is he looking for me,if he took my sister? Asked Anna.
Because he didn't find the powers in your sister, answered the fairy.
You should leave now it is getting late I should leave, good bye and all the best, Said the fairy with a smile.
Wait, said Anna but the fairy is gone,for one bewildered moment Anna thought this is a dream but the fairy left one chain on the mushroom, Anna took it and began her journey,the forest was so thick ,she doesn't know that it was day or night,like this she walked for two days and finally she was out of the the fairy said Anna can see a small house ,she went into the house without touching anything and took the sword 🗡️ and kept there her bracelet. and she opened the back door and walked out of the house. She didn't eat for two days so, she was so hungry, but she continued her journey after another day at nightfall she saw a injured lion 🦁,she bandaged the lion with her scarf, suddenly the chain fell on the lion and it was completely cured, puzzled she took the chain and asked for food and food appeared on the ground,she ate it and gave some raw meat to the lion it ate happily with her,it said, I am a prince an evil man changed me into this because I didn't agree with him to marry my sister and his name is charnmor.
Anna was shocked
Come with me I am going to him, Said Anna.
Er. Are you sure? Asked the prince
How many humans have you seen this way going to the other side? asked Anna.
Ok! I'll come ,my name is Arthur, said the prince.
I'm Anna and how will change into human? Asked anna
If he loses his power, answered the prince
And they traveled for three days,finally on the last day of the week they reached the tower of Anna's parents, she quickly went inside and saw there were three people inside.a tough looking man with a white beard and a woman
Next to him and a young girl in her late teens,Anna went near to her mother and hugged her. And introduced herself. They were overjoyed and Anna freed them and entered the palace.there she deafeted the evilman by the help of the chain and the sword,the chain have many other powers not only giving food.
The spell on the prince and the kingdom lifted,they returned to their kingdom,the prince and Anna were friends so,there is no war between the countries,the people of Anna's kingdom were overjoyed and the king announced a party. In the party Anna was surprised because her father invited the prince Arthur's family. After the party the king Myda announced Anna siil be crowned tomorrow,and the next Anna was crowned and in the celebration the king invited the fairies to give blessings and the fairy lavender,who directed Anna came near her and asked
Do you want to know about your childhood and what are the powers you possess and why? Asked the fairy
YeS! answered Anna

                         -THE END-


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