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Mark my words
You be day
I will bring into this world
A daughter that will have more purpose than the words I’m going to say

She will be magnificent
She will believe so heavily in God
She will come to him and I when she’s feeling the worst of it
She will know God

After my mothers middle name ‘LynnAnne’
And my middle name ‘Madolynne’
She will be ‘Lynne’ ‘Grace Lynne’

She will have peace
She will pray for the Lords peace
She will know grace is in having faith
I will teach her faith

Whomever is her father
Will me my perfect partner
Sent from the Heavenly Father
He will be her mothers lover

Oh Grace Lynne
No matter what happens
Run through the worst winds
And pray for forgiveness of what you have sinned

I’ll meet you one day Grace Lynne
I’ll love you from now to thee very end


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