The Cloud Cried Read Count : 14

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Whomever wondering why the clouds so puffy and goes gray?

Then the air lifts up and debris carried off the places.  ..

We all think and feel its nature. 

Its really something beyond explanation. 
The heavens are far above us and its light shine down through the clouds.

You get a beautiful rainbow. 

Contrast it.

Heavy winds and gust 
Clusters of clouds racked up 

One by one
Another one another one 

For what reasons?  What happened to the rainbow  ?

I felt reason as young teen once that someone very special is angry.

We have monstrous tornados and whooping hurricanes. 

Every year   ..

The clouds gathered and poured rained 
The tsunami drenched in a wave
The hurricanes whooplashed and away sunshine went.

Itd a sign him our blessed lord came and  cried. 
He too can shed tears and share our woes 


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