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  (From a previous post of mine made in March, now updated.)

      How in the world do people think humanity is advancing? If we were so advanced, would we be courageous or fearful? 
      I look around today and see fear on everyone's face.
      Technology has done a great job in influencing and spreading this fear among the globe faster than any virus or disease. We have become so used to hiding ourselves behind profiles, screen names, and fake or doctored profile pictures that we feel anxious in actual social situations.
      The younger millennials can't hold a real conversation to save their lives, yet in the digital world they become little social butterflies. It's as if everyone has a world-changing, hidden agenda and are deathly afraid of being found out.
Then, when the mainstream media produces a story on a new terrorist group, public shooting, or another virus taking off, I have to postpone my grocery shopping for a week. The stores are filled with panicked faces scurrying around and waiting in line to buy gallons and gallons of water and endless rolls of toilet paper.
      How can our latest opiate of the masses (social media) change so quickly?
      It doesn't make sense but somehow it's as if we get a fix from our own irrational fear. IQ test scores don't lie when they show intelligence has been rapidly descending for the last twenty years.
       This can explain why grown-ass adults are listening to a mildly autistic teenager from Sweden preaching about how the climate is changing.
       Yes, it is changing. Good job. Except, it's always been changing, and not solely because of humans. A volcano puts out more carbon dioxide than we do. Not to mention, Earth isn't the only place experiencing this warmer climate. The polar ice caps on Mars and Jupiter are also melting.
       Yet, when facts like these are presented to little Miss "How-dare-you?!" suddenly she shuts the fuck up. You can save the planet by staying like that, Greta Thornburg.
       You, poor girl, have not only been used as a mere tool by democratically funded climate hoaxers but also by your own wealthy environmentalist parents.
It drove me nuts how nobody saw that she was just a pawn being used for political change. Well, it is hard to see when you're balls deep in your "smartphone"—not being able to go an hour without it. It's these devices, along with an older enemy, the television, that makes spreading misinformation easier than herpes.
      I cannot speak for other countries, but with America, what the fuck happened? 
      We were a country (supposedly) founded on standing up for our freedom, a revolution against the tyrant Great Britain. Now, when there's word of a virus outbreak in a country far on the other side of the world, we rush to buy whatever we can then lock ourselves inside our houses.
       We know how the media distorts the truth and even makes up stories for ratings. Shit, we've even given it a name—fake news. Yet we still believe and hang onto every word they shove in our face. So when they start up with this Coronavirus, calling it COVID-19, they don't give you all the details, just where to get vaccinated for the flu.
      Vaccines of the flu to fight the flu, just like how we fight cancer with the number one cause of cancer—radiation. Radiation which was the actual reason for this Corona virus distraction—among many others—keeping radiation poisoning from the release of 5G disguised as more flu victims. If we were going to be freaking out over something, this was the big monster to be afraid of. 
      It was all to see how far we could be pushed using fake news and disinformation; not to mention, shut down the economy. It is still today being used for the very fear we show, keeping us separated from one another and being told it's a health risk to be out in public in order to keep protesting against 5G and lockdowns at bay. 
      In LA and New York, if you're gathered within an establishment or place of business with others that goes against the "safety" regulations for social distancing, your power and water will be shut off and business shut down for good. Yet, if you're gathering with hundreds of people for BLM, this is fine. What is that shit?
       Wake up, world. 


  • Sep 02, 2020

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