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He looked at me with a smile on his face,
I tripped for i lost concentration,
He looks astonishing!
And i wear my ego.

He never looked happy like that before,
Audience were applauding,
My heart can't contain the happiness,
All my body began to shake.

His look on the suit, was top notch,
I hate flowers, but the one his holding is calling me,
I followed the call, forgetting who i was with,
He gently grabbed my hand.

We walked as a majesty without a crown,
I deserves no one else, only him!
My journey with him, peace is assured,
Everyday will be Valentine.

We bowed to heaven, to knot the tie,
Romantically he placed the ring on my finger,
Without hesitation, we're ready to lock our mouth,
Light suddenly appeared from nowhere.
I heard the voice of mama calling,
I answered!
Then i knew, all was just illusion.

I would have been the happiest,
If only it was real,
That's how much i love you!
Your name is written boldly in my heart forever.


  • Sep 01, 2020

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