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If I knew back then what I know now, 
Wouldn't change a thing not even your smile. There's reason for change, room to improve. It was three little words. I love you, if I knew you wouldn't approve of the person I am. I grew up fast part of the damned. You raised me last, i grew up with a past. The things i remember came from dad, the way he loved us when he was mad. Scared and alone as i sit in my room. will i be next just like you. Or will i be haunted to repeat the cycle. Grow up to be mean just like him. I hate his presence because you bow down. my own mother made a clown. Stood strong in his corner, cant understand why. my mother didn't love me as much as this guy. Treated us poorly, left to die. wasnt much but we had a life. You showed me love with compassio i dont know why, where, what happened. All I know is life unfastened. Thoughts of evil plague me today, what have you done raising Cain, some kind of evil in my thoughts. What you give to me will never be forgot.  If I knew I'd be this screwed I woulda told you, to forgive me but I can't love you.


  • Sep 01, 2020

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