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Dear best friend, 
(Sorry, I am not used to the word "ex") 
 It has been a year without you,
  It has been a year since I got your shoulder to cry. 
 Never thought I'd be strong enough to write about you but finally I did succeed.   

Firstly I  to tell you some truths I discovered, 
 I never feared losing you.
 Its because I never thought I will have to step without you. 
 I never expected shedding a tear without you.
But I had to cry the hardest for you.  I needed you friend.
 I trusted you but I know even you too expected things from me. 

 Thank you for those advices, 
Thank you for those supports, 
You still support me. 
 Finding it weird?? 
I still clutch onto those memories, 
I still smile when I hear your name.
  I couldn't lose you
You are there when each time I smile. 
I feel your hand every time I break down.
  I feel you everywhere around me. 

 Thinking I finally grew up?? 
Well I did. 
 I learnt to mask myself with smiles, 
I learnt to stand strong, 
 I know how to fight.. 

Just wished you were there to see this strong girl. 
 Thank you friend for everything. 
 Don't worry noone ever took your
, contended? 😀 (Though it is a bit cliche, still it is the truth) 
None  can take your place. 

 Tears have dried long ago, 
So this letter won't be that sad.. 
 If you ever read this letter, tell me what you feel. 
 Life is not bad, 
 But it is somewhere incomplete without you, 
And it would have been best with you . 

Your idiot

Finally posted a writing. Sorry for not posting for long. But I needed a break to think about myself

All comments are extremely valuable


  • U made me remember about my best friends I hope she reads.... Bestiiiiii😁 You are a laudable writer👏 and best friends are meant to be together, she will come back no matter what u hv to just believe she will come back.

    Sep 01, 2020

  • Sep 01, 2020

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