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stop being impatient!!
stop letting it eat at you 
you know your better
you been better than this all your life
Why you in a fuckin hurry now
fuckin chill for a minute damn!..
pretend for a bit
your good at that right... lol
breathe... K..   ya know...
just be what everyone thinks you are and wants you to be
stop over fucking analyzing shit
does it really fuckin matter... And that's not even a question.. do don't fuckin answer that!!!
wtf are you trying to prove
and who you proving it to
yourself,?? Him??? Them??
and wtf about after the fact
what are you really gonna fucking prove
that your a stubborn ass hard headed bitch...
and for what
how much is it gonna cost
will you be fuckin happy then
will that fuckin satisfy you??
no!! your gonna sit there and be like...
"your so fuckin stupid..."
"why did you do that...."
"y couldn't you just... Fuck"
"you knew what would happen...."
and then your fucked.... 
so fuckin control your fuckin self
and stop showing your ass
and stop being so fuckin stubborn all the damn time... ya fuckin dumb ass!!
isn't it easier to let karma take care of that shit....
Let him hang himself.. right?
Then you don't have to be the excuse and let him make you feel like it was your fault..
just fuckin sit the fuck down and breathe. fuckin breathe.
shut that too smart for your stupid ass brain the fuck off
and tell your self again tomorrow and probably tonight ... "just fuckin stop bitch..."
relax... relax... breathe.... re-fuckin-lax....  goose-frabah..
do you bitch.. do you.
You got this mf-er!


  • Good write mate.

    Aug 31, 2020

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