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I was reading a poem just now
Knowing the woman who wrote it was wearing a frown
As she wrote it down
Or typed it out

I believe God put us all together for a reason
Some for years
Some for seasons
And ourselves for tears

You hear the saying “you don’t need anybody but yourself”
But good hearts can’t just reject those who offer their helping hand
Letting others help you is helping yourself
Nobody would’ve been sent to you if that were Gods plan

Self harm
Self hate
Beating heart alarm
Not knowing the word “appreciate”

You don’t call it self abuse
But you don’t call out those who just use you for their own person use
You’re degrading yourself
By keeping false and toxic friends who degrade yourself

Once you let go of those who abuse you
You are slowly but gradually starting to honor you
Once you start to get rid of this who dishonor you
Is when you start to learn how to love you 


  • Aug 31, 2020

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