Clearety Of Reality Read Count : 29

Category : Poems

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i try and try
 just to get bye
As I cry and they fight
I just want to die 
Every moment of this terrifying reality
Every moment I'm drowning it's hard to breathe 
I'm hanging on bye the skin of my teeth
It's not hard to see or hear
As its slowly becomin clear
I try and try just to get bye 
Reality is clear I just want to die
You give me hope then break me down you've turned my life completely around
I see dark in your heart where I used to be you say I'm smart well I'm just me
I try to love like my siblings do 
I try to love but it's to hard because of you


  • Pø??TîCåL?y InCøRRëcT

    Pø??TîCåL?y InCøRRëcT

    an idea: songs typically have a bridge, where the narrator or singer sees it from another perspective, usually the opposite of the rest of the song. in your case, perhaps some kind of hope being seen.

    Aug 31, 2020

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