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It seems that sometimes alternate realities or dimensions can open up into our physical world. It also seems that such openings are often initiated by beings of those realms. 

We have been led to believe by our so-sacred scientists, who know everything, that our physical reality is composed of very solid physical matter obeying very strict, unalterable physical laws. I think this is not the case at all. We know from quantum theory that the underlying structure of what we call the physical world is not based on solid 'billiard ball'-like particles, but on wave-packages of energy. This would imply that when one has a profound understanding of this basic energy structure of reality, one can alter it at will and change the reality of one's environment. I think certain beings have this knowledge and are apt at altering reality. This could be a change in our physical environment, or creating a entrance into another dimension/world.

While in some instances one could come up with a reason why someone would have such a reality shift, in other other instances it just seems to defy any logic. Maybe logic or reason does not have anything to do with it.  


  • Aug 30, 2020

  • amen. everything we've been told is a lie. preach on

    Aug 31, 2020

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