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Your smell Your hands Once lingering in my hair Your love spell Your hidden plans Never had to be out in the air For me to recognize them Sounds cliche But to me you’re more than a ghost Somebody I was going to pick out living room curtains with someday That’s who you were to me But you repeatedly lied to me Over, and over again, and again, and then twice more My body still yearns for you Dark shades of color Black and navy blue A frozen winter flower Birthed from dark depression We were each others therapy sessions But you, were never as in it as I was Even though your smell is gone The red shirt you left behind is gone You are gone The memories still chase me Through dark forests of empty You became everything to me Now here I am, on this hot summer night Our fights were heated Passionate and seductive No matter what you said I thought you were who I needed Jealous sex beautiful For you I pleaded But no amount of successful You didn’t know any kind of love Because you Were robbed of your self love You Were robbed of your dignity So you started taking others But tell me old lover In the end, what did it leave you with?


  • Aug 30, 2020

  • Aug 30, 2020

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