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Lately I've been coming back to some of my favorite writings I did when I  was about 13-16. I like to do this once in a while. I come across things as if they were wrote for me on this day, i come upon it. Sometimes I'll go to frantically find paper and jot down a thought or 5.. but I'll randomly open a  notebook and find something i forgot I wrote  10  years ago and its almost exactly what I was going through right then... like how did myself know, I would need this said to me, today? On this day.. this moment and situation I currently find myself in?? how did a child, know how to put those feelings into words? Or even know what it felt like? My grandma told me I have an old soul. I didn't think much about it when I was younger, but I can see it now, when I give myself goosebumps or bring myself to tears when I come across some of these. I just thought that I  could share them in my adult years and maybe y'all might enjoy some of them too. For old ones I'll always put the original finished date at the bottom. Some are girly, some are dark, some are cute and funny, some are short story types, and some might give you chills.. in a good way I hope. Some where just words when I started and took years and experiences to complete them as actual meaningful pieces later. Theres some were a 10 minute thought-n-jot, that took off in a spit second. Interpretation is in the mind of the observer. All of the pictures I post with them I've also taken myself. 🙃 Just hope you enjoy


  • Aug 30, 2020

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