To Leave My Life Now Read Count : 23

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Maybe it's better for you
 To leave my life now.
My heart, my thoughts, 
Everything you've had so far.

  We complain about each other 
But we don't change anything in the end. 
 Sounds selfish but I'll be better off 
Without your sick control.  

Now that you're gone, 
I don't want to shed tears
 In emptied bottles of 5% alcohol.

  Now that you're gone, 
You can blame me on your friends.  
I delete all the pictures with us from the phone.

 I removed you also from my thoughts.  
Now that you're gone, 
I don't want to see you close again. 

Now that you're gone, 
Don't remember about my existence. 
 Go and dance with other girls.

 Ask for their number.
 I'm free now,
And I want to be alone as I was before,
Going back to the normal time. 


  • Aug 30, 2020

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