That's All She Gave Me Read Count : 23

Category : Poems

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Hopes followed by disappointments, 
That's all she gave me. 
 My heart burned with bullets, 
That's how she left me.  

The rain from the darkness left my heart heavy,
 Leaving my days anchored in sadness. 

 Memories were the train
 That had hit my thoughts, 
Inviting me to live in the darkest past.  

Happy hours shaded by clouds, 
Soft kisses touched the glaciers.
 I feel like a falling star without direction,
 Hitting the ground,
 Breaking me into many pieces.  

Loving her I felt the pain
 But I think I can't complain.
 it was the sweetest mistake 
My heart could make, loving her.


  • Aug 29, 2020

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