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Once upon a time ,there was a boy name Rahul.He belonged to a very rich family and he was very good in hid studies, he used to tease Ravi who belonged to a very poor family and he was not good in his studies.

During the exams, Ravi used to study very hard and Rahul used to think that he is the topper  and nobody can score more than him, so he started playing mobile games.

In the exam hall, when question paper and answersheet was provided to everyone . Everyone was writing but Rahul was not able to write a single answer . The teacher was amazed to see his answer sheet.

This exam topper was Ravi who scored 98% in his exams.
Rahul was very shocked to his report card that he just scored 14% in his exams.

Moral - Confidence is good, but Over Confidence is not good.

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  • Aug 29, 2020

  • James Keith

    James Keith

    to think you are smart because you are wealthy from good background is a fallacy. knowledge is power. to obtain knowledge one must be able to learn. knowledge isnt given, its earned.

    Aug 29, 2020

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