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Anticipation turns disappointment!
I wasn't whom they hoped for
Mama wept
Neighbour heard the voice of baby
Rushed to grab champagne
Celebration began before placenta delivery.

Papa didn't believed the news
Dashed home to behold the baby
His looks said it all
He left the baby on the couch
Screamed like a wild cat
Bundle of joy turns infelicity.

He left  without a word!
Mercy found her, she gave birth in the house
He would have denied the baby
Sent his brother to visit with names
He went invisible for weeks
He's obsessed with a male child.

I was treated as scoundrel
Mama love wasn't enough
Glad he let me bear his name
I was reaching for papa's affection
Heaven is not letting me
I possessed every of his trait.

I despise myself, seeing mama in pain
She was longing for a male child
She was yoked together with barren
Her smile was taken away
I'd have offer myself up
So she could welcome the male ones.

She drinks agony as water
Took her  more than a decade
To found her happiness again.
I'm my fathers daughter
Yet I couldn't obtain his love
Being a girl was my only crime.



  • Aug 28, 2020

  • Aug 29, 2020

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