Drops Of Vodka Read Count : 25

Category : Poems

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Drops of vodka instead of tears, 
Traces of bites instead of a sweet
 touch on the lips. 

 Traces of lipstick on the wrong lip, 
Me and you fighting for a kiss.  

Flames in the chest, 
Be careful not to burn.  
Flames in the heart, 
Beware to the sparks. 

 Raindrops in the veins, 
Traces of your juice in my cup. 
 Tears surround my face, 
Help me find my inner peace.  

You are the only house I have received,
 You are my only sweet escape. 
 My kiss destroys your makeup, 
While the wind destroys our name from the sand.


  • Aug 27, 2020

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