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It's been quite different. Not drowning in the deep end. The detriment. The darkened end finally drowned out and I let it a little light in. I'm looking towards, those better days, the one's that don't have replays. I'm starting to find ways. Creating waves, no matter inside or outside I'm not gonna be the one that caves. Yeah, I'm the one who craves, but I won't let it turn into another phase. I don't care now about having to go daze, my insides, in every instance, I thought was best where I didn't say it, cuz now I'm what y'all say, straight edge is it? I know I had a lot of trouble at the start, barely even knew where I should start, the converse. I know who you are. You rarely talk, neither do I now, so how would we even start? I keep picking things apart. Maybe it's best to abort. 


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