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Once Upon a Time in the year 1802 there was an American ship on route going through the North Pole. Now this ship and its crew we're trying to take a shortcut through the cold harsh Waters of the North Atlantic.
  This ship was carrying a well-known captain who came from wealth, and this captain had a beautiful daughter and her handsome fiance. The captain's daughter and her fiance are about to get married in two months.
  For days the captain and his crew sailed through the cold waters, as they sailed on they came across huge icebergs that looked like huge mountains that you would find in a beautiful landscape with Forests.
  As the ship and it's crew sailed around the icebergs they came across an opening to one of the icebergs. The captain noticed that this was a cave and even his daughter was very curious. This cave was made of shiny icicles.
  The captain and his crew walked into the cave and became amazed at what they saw, they saw icicles that looked like beautiful crystals with rainbow colors. These colors lit the cave up with a beautiful light.
  The Captain's daughter noticed a figure frozen in a ice wall, she was shocked and taken back by what she saw a man frozen in ice. She mentioned this to everybody they all ran up to the figure, and saw his face underneath the ice with his eyes closed.
  The crew hurried up and grab their tools and started to chisel at the ice to help free this man. Then suddenly a long  crack travled through the ice and made other cracks, and then a huge blast of ice exploded and through the crew backwards.
  A huge flash of light filled up the whole cave and behold a man with bird like wings. The crew were in awe seeing this figure kneeling down with his big flapping wings the sound the wings gave off was like a human heartbeat.
  The Captain introduced himself to this strange man with bird wings the man stared at the captain then the man spoke in a deep bass voice he told the captain that he is an angel.
  This angel told the captain he was frozen and trapped at the time that Earth was being created. The captain's daughter stared at the angel and a feeling of love came over her she was in awe by his presence this man with bird like wings. She deeply fell in love with him at first sight. 
  For the next few days the crew camped out in the cave and the captain's lovely daughter was  spending lots of time with the angel, now this made her fiance very angry and on one day he had a long conversation with her.
  This conversation turned into a very bad fight, and he got so angry and outraged that he grabbed a knife and stabbed her three times and killed her. Blood scattered all over the ice ground and she fell to the ground with tears in her eyes.
  The captain comes back after a long day of scouting and mining the cave and he finds his daughter dead with blood dripping from her mouth. The captain starts to cry, and out of anger he tells the angel. The angel  with sadness in his heart flies to search the cave to find the murderer, as the angel is flying he  screams and this echoes through the cave.
  The Angel finds the murderer and he is pleaing for his life for the angel not to hurt him. The angel gets close to him and he stabs the angel in his stomach. Then the angel looks up at him then with a angry look on his face he opens his mouth and screams. This scream is so loud a sonic wave comes out of the angels mouth and the murderers head blows up into pieces.
  The angel flies back to where the captain's daughter is laying he grabs her and picks her up and starts flapping his wings then he ascends off the ground. He leaves the cave holding her close to his chest and flies high into the clouds.
  They stay hovering above the clouds and then a few clouds start to shift and then a strong bright light comes through the clouds and this hits the angel and the captain's daughter. The light generates both of them and then suddenly she opens her eyes.
  She looks into the angels eyes she also feels very strange, she notices that she has white wings. She has become an angel. Then she gaves him a smile and a kiss.
  The Captain's daughter descends from the clouds to see her father, she's floating in mid-air as she gracefully touches her father's cheek with her hand she gives him a kiss on his cheek. The crew packs up and the ship sails away. The captain's daughter watches from the clouds floating next to her new love. And both of them lived happily ever after. The End
© James D


  • Aug 27, 2020

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