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She was much stronger
 Than all men put together.
Not by her physical strength,
 But by her boundless goodness.  

She learned as a child 
That violence destroys families, 
And that power steals
 The minds of the vulnerable. 

 She was able to lead the world peacefully, 
Not with bullets like all fools,
 Who believe they can replace 
Union by mixing truth among lies. 

 Many feared her, 
And many wanted to take her place.
 But the strongest person
 Was for sure my girlfriend. 

 Even words do not help me
 To describe her correctly.
 All in our lives we need a girlfriend like her,
 To make us see the true facade of love. 

 She did everything necessary
 For me to feel loved.
I did everything necessary 
To see her grow up in my heaven.


  • Aug 26, 2020

  • Aug 26, 2020

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