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I had been through a lot 

from my past life 

everything had 

happened to me, 

before I had met you 

if you had known this 

about me you’ve felt 

bad by do this to me, 

my life was full of misery 

I got through many things

before things get better 

Dear friend, 

you don’t know 

how much I been through. 

You never understand 

what’s going on in my

past life, you never 

ask me anything about 

my past life, you never say 

to me I want to know more 

about what been going on in 

your past life is something wrong

 are you comfortable to tell me about it”. 

Dear friend 

you never understand the reason 

why I being uptight and make you 

uncomfortable, and now is the time 

you have to know if you have read 

it already, I won’t repeat it again 

you should know by now and 

have a heart to change your mind 

become more than just a friend. 

Dear friend 

I’m afraid being alone without anybody 

I really want you come back to me 

need your love and your affection, 

I want it everyday I understand 

you’re busy like a bee, I do everything 

to have you back to me again. 

Dear friend 

I really need you

I can’t lose you anymore 

I’ll give you a break from me, 

as long you’re still wanted to be 

more than a friend with me, 

I slide down on the rainbow

like I’m a bird that I have wings. 

Dear friend 

all I want is only you’re perfect 

for me, be my boyfriend again

I want to love you again, 

I know you have trust issues 

I’ll give you time to recharge

let have a break from me, if 

you finally become yourself 

I still wait until you recollect

your thoughts until you have courage 

I’ll still be here. You’re comfortable 

enough to open up 

what’s on your mind, 

I’ll pay attention to you 

when you speak to me. 


  • Aug 25, 2020

  • Hrridayani Sav

    Hrridayani Sav

    best poem ever

    Aug 26, 2020

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