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Once Upon a Time in the year 1627 Paris, there stood a cathedral. This cathedral held a beautiful bell tower, and in this bell tower lived a very sad shadow figure that hid in the darkness of the Tower.
  He always looked out at the people walking the streets. He held sadness in his heart, but this was a special day in the city of Paris. Paris was getting company by the most highly respected royal family. Now this royal family strolled into Paris 
with a parade and cheers and joy people clapping.
  The Royal Family stepped out of their carriage and there lovely daughter and her fiance all were greeted by the people in the city. The royal family gave smiles and waves. The mayor of the city greeted the royal family to a special Hall.
 They ate a very rich lunch. Now after the family settled in and ate there lunch and discussed politics, they're lovely daughter got curious and took off and walked the streets of Paris.
  She walked the streets of Paris humming a song to herself. She would wave her hands greeting people and also be smiling. The shadow figure above the tower saw her. He thought she was so beautiful.
   He was mesmerized by her beauty he was in awe with her voice it was like an angel to him. Then all of a sudden these theifs we're taunting her and circling around her and grabbing at her. In the shadow figures eyes this made him grow angry. 
  The shadow figure swoop down
and picked off each man one by one, but did it so fast in a blink of an eye. t
The girl was lying on the ground shaking and scared, and the girl looked up and saw this creature with wings and screamed and fainted.
  Now a few hours went by and the girl opened her eyes she was inside of a dark room next to a big Bell and she was frightened. She sees a shadow in the corner the shadow comes out of the darkness and says "Do not be frightened,
  I will not hurt you." the girl studer her words in fear and asks the creature "What are you." the creature responds "My appearance is of a gargoyle to your eyes, but my name is Philippe." "Hello Phillippe my name is Rosalie." says to him after standing up. Rosalie approaches Philippe a little bit more closer. She touches his wing and it flapped a little bit.
  "What happened to you Philippe?" Philippe's face was filled with sadness after Rosalie asked him he then went off telling her. He was a king in the year 1332 and he fought in many battles. On one cold winter day this witch of one of the kingdom's he stole and took over, wanted him to know what loss felt like. What it felt like not to have love. for this she  punished him by putting a spell on him of all the killing and pillaging of other kingdoms that he took and all the people that he hurt to teach him a lesson about the life he took wives and husbands he killed.  "The witch turned me into a monster that I already was, but on the outside."
  Philippe finished his story he stood up and stretched his Bat like wings and stretched his arms and wagged his tail Rosalie said I better go they'll be looking for me. Rosalie said "I will come visit you again I promise."
  After she left the cathedral. Philippe entered a special room and in this room was a small table. On this table was a dome glass with two floating rings glittering. He stared at these rings with a sad look on his face.
  Now Rosalie did keep her promise for the next few weeks she would come to the cathedral and visit her friend Philippe. She would keep him company, they would tell each other jokes, they would read to each other all the books that were kept in the cathedral.            
  Philippe sometimes would take Rosalie out flying and go sight seeing above all the Villages of France. Rosalie's fiance over the course of these few weeks was getting very suspicious of her behavior, of leaving and coming back at weird times. So one day Rosalie's fiance followed her to the cathedral.
  Her fiance walked through the cathedral and up the stairs to the Tower, and saw this grotesque gargoyle creature laughing and talking to his future wife. the rage and anger that grew through him was very intense. Later that day when Rosalie came home she saw her fiance in the dining room.
  They had a discussion it grew to be a very nasty fight and he hit her. Then he stormed out of the room, and he got some of his friends to form a Hunting Party. They headed towards the cathedral, they were carrying muskets and fencing swords.
  They approached the cathedral doors Rosalie's fiance ran upstairs to the bell tower. Philippe was surprised and shocked. Rosalie's fiance started to shoot his musket like a crazy man at Philippe. The man with the gun was screaming at Philippe.
  Philippe did the best he could to move out of the way of the bullets. Philippe got hit two times, one in the stomach and one in the chest. He screamed in pain and got so angry he stretched his gargoyle wings out and flew straight at the man with the musket.
  He pushed him straight through a wall into the room that had the two rings in the dome on the table. The table fell over knocking off the Dome with the Rings, and the glass shattered and the Rings spread out on the floor.
  Philippe was growling like a lion and took his gargoyle teeth, and ripped Rosalie's fiance's throat out. Rosalie came running up the stairs, and saw the blood everywhere. she walked to the special room and screamed in horror.   
  Philippe turned his head his eyes became droopy and he fell to the ground. Rosalie ran to Philippe he muttered some words to her he told her. "The Rings, the Rings will break my curse." "but you got to tell me you love me." she cried and said "Yes I do love you." 
  Rosalie grab the Rings and put one of the rings on her finger and the other ring on Philippes finger. After she did that a beautiful purple and yellow light glowed and circled around them. This light became so strong it transformed Philippe back into his human form. Philippe looked at Rosalie with his human eyes and they kissed each other. The two of them got married.
   They had a child, and Philippe finally new what real love was. and what it means to cherish love. Also Philippe gave so much back to France to fix all the wrongs that he made many years ago He and his family lived happily ever after. The End
© James D



    Aug 26, 2020

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