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She came haunted my thoughts,
 Making me think,
About giving her another chance
To come back to me.  

This breakup makes me insane,
 I want to run back in time. 

 She came again, 
Making me trouble.
 Sometimes making me happy, 
Sometimes sinking me into sadness.

  She takes my breath away, 
She shakes my existence.
She brings the storms,
Also calm them down back. 

 She turned back
 As if she never leave,
 Giving to me a little love
 From her ocean hidden in her lips.

  She came back and I forgave her, 
For the hundredth time.
Giving her another chance
 To destroy my heart.


  • Hrridayani Sav

    Hrridayani Sav


    Aug 25, 2020

  • Aug 25, 2020

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