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Today I will be telling a true story from my best friend I feel very very sorry she had to go through this plz read it thank u!!

"One day my favorite cousin came over I loved him very very much. When he came over my aunt my mom and sister left to go to the store and he was left in charge to watch and protect me,but he did the opposite. When they left he pushed me on the bed. And I asked "what are u doing". He said nothing,then he pulled down his pants and under wear I refused to look, then he forced my mouth open and made me suck his dick. I hated it. Then he pulled Down my pants and I said "stop it plz". He refused,he began to start licking my vigina. I cried and steady said stop.he still refused then he forced his dick in my hurted and I still said stop and he didn't.then he heared a car pull in and then he hurried and put on his pants and mine and said "don't tell anyone okay" I got scared and I said okay, then he said "I love u" and i noded. and to this day I hate men".

Like I said this is a true storie plz share this because she is not a fighter she's a survivor

Thank u ❤️❤️


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