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Baby, get lost in me
 To find what you're looking for.  
Baby, come close,  
To be as close, as no one was with me. 

Adjust my heart rate, 
Cleanse my life.
Build a new kind of love,
 This time to be enough
...To be enough for you.  

Baby, put your feelings in the cells of my body. 
 Baby, take care of me 
When I get lost
 Until I get to you. 

 Baby, can we disappear 
From the eyes of those who hate us,
 Because we love each other 
In a different way?

  Baby, take me to a place 
Where no one can find me.
 Baby, give me love,
 Because hatred I always received
From those who could not truly love me.


  • Jul 27, 2020

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