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Everybody begins to worry about you 

your friends can’t face the fact, 

you just disappear without any trace 

we can’t found you anywhere, 

the new pop up on insta story 

I open my eyes wide jaw just drop. 

Where are you? 

Can you see your disappearance cause them panic? 

While they in their slumber 

in their dream they begin to have make up, scenario of you gone forever 

they twist and turn, can’t have any good night sleep 

if you just appear in your own house 

without going anywhere we won’t be worry as much. 

Why you have to disappear like that? 

The day we had last talked 

you’re fine, 

without nobody else is looking 

you sneak out of town to some place, 

nobody won’t found you

why are you hiding? 

Come out let us found you 

we been worried sick about you, 

it’s be easier if you haven’t snuck out and just stay put,

That way we can find you. 

Where are you? 

Go back home see your family 

let us know you’re safe and sound,

worry about you overtime 

instead of care about our mental health, 

it’s unhealthy for us please go easy on us 

let us found you. 


  • Jul 27, 2020

  • Aug 06, 2020

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