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My Lover is out, she is so beautiful
I love her so much her energy gives
me power. I absorb her love.
It's like we have sex are bodies connect.

The way she makes me feel inside,
the strength I feel her compassion 
that she gives. I can't get enough 
of this power I feel rising

My body is changing into something else. 
My senses are heightened what is this more 
hair growing from my skin. My face 
is changeing a snout shoots out of my face

I close my eyes for 2 minutes and 
then when I open my eyes my body 
has been transformed into a wolf and 
I can see things different in nature everything 
is bigger sounds are louder. Smells are more strong. 

Then I lookup 
to the sky and see my lover, 
and I thank her for this new body 
by a loud howl.


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