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Once Upon A Time 

In the deep woods of Colorado there lived a family of rabbits. Now today is a special day because this family of rabbits are welcoming a new member to their family a little orange baby rabbit. He opened up his eyes for the first time his mom and dad were so happy they named him Flops. Yes the whole family was excited for the new birth of Flops. His brothers and sisters were very happy. They crowded around him and kissed him and showed their love and curiosity. Now time has passed the seasons have changed it's been four months since flops brith one day flops came home from playing in the grass field. Something did not seem right all the rabbits we're gone. Flops saw two old rabbits were left near a oak tree. Flops was confused "where did all the rabbits go." Flops thought to himself. The two old rabbits told Flops a special wonderful place where rabbits go every beginning of Spring, and that he needs to follow a certain path if he wants to see them again. The two old rabbits mention that this path leads to the South and if he follows it there he'll see his family again. So Flops headed out and started his journey to the unknown region. Flops walked for miles. After a while he came across another creature of the forest. This creature had things sticking out of the top of his head, "very looking silly creature." he thought. This creature had a big muscular chest and stood very proud. Now Flops was a little frightened but this creature seemed to be friendly. The creature with great antlers told flops the wisdom of the forest. He told flops "To trust your own intuition and keep moving forward on your journey." Flops listened to this great creature of the forest and continued his journey. Flops walked for hours and came across a big tree. On this tree was another creature of the forest this one was small and fluffy and had a poofy tail. She seem to be very jittery and anxious and nervous. Flops thought this creature was Bonkers "she must be mad in the head." Flops thought. It was hard for Flops to keep up with this creature's words, but they did exchange jokes. They did laugh and I had a good time. After their visit the little creature waved bye to flops. She told flops "You are headed on the right path." He smiled back at the small little creature and went back on the path. He hopped and hopped. A little time has passed since he met that fluffy little creature now flops was getting a little tired but he had to keep moving forward. He came across a wooden fence and on this fence was a black scary looking flying creature. Flops was frightened by the presence of this mysterious creature. The creature started to laugh and say cynical words he kept on spitting out lies using Twisted words this creature was trying to take Flops off his path but Flops was smarter than this creature and remembered what the wise creature with the antlers said "Trust your own intuition." then Flops did a round kick and kicked the nasty creature off the fence the creature laughed and flew away. Flops continued on his path he only had a few more miles to go. He saw light coming between a opening from two trees. He heard noises. He  had a strong feeling that he made it to the end. He walked through the trees and he saw wonders he saw fields of lavender beautiful strong purple colors everywhere and the smell was wonderful and the clouds were so clear Flops hopped with joy he was very happy he had a huge smile on his face. As he hopped into the fields of lavender he came across other rabbits in a group there a beautiful big tree. He was so happy to see them he saw his family and they had big smiles on their faces. All of his brothers and sisters hopped to him, they gave him kisses they rub their heads against his a lot of warmth and love. His parents walked over and they rub noses with flops nose. Flops told of his journey to his family. He told them the creatures that he met. As flops was telling his story the sun descended over the Lavender Fields. Flops was with his family that he thought he lost  

The End 


  • Jul 27, 2020

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