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Once Upon a Time deep in a forest beyond high mountains there is a beautiful Castle made out of diamonds  and in this Castle lives a King who is grumpy and he has a queen that is even more grumpier than him and they have two daughters that are spoiled and also they have one son who sees the joy in everything and looks at everything with a positive outcome. He plays his ukulele to guests that visit the castle. 
  On one particular day a strange old man came to the castle and he was carrying with him a box made of gold with a dragon's head on it. The King was very intrigued and the old man told the King "I need someone to bring this back to its owner there's something very valuable in this box." The King promised the old man that he would send out his best knight to return the box. 
  The next morning the King sent out his best knight, later in the afternoon the knight returned home missing a hand and all beat up and the King was shocked what happened to his best knight then the king sent out his second best knight the next day and he came home with a foot missing. The King sent out his third best knight on the third day, and his third best knight came home with an arm missing. 
  The King got very angry and was in disbelief "What is happening why can't my best Knights return this box." he thought. Prince William asked his father "Let me give it a try father." "I'm not afraid of anything." The King thought his son was joking, and Prince William would not let up on his father he kept on nagging him, and then eventually his father said "Okay son I will give you a chance." "And if you return the box I will grant you to be my first best Knight." 
  Then Prince William got his shield his sword and his ukulele and his best horse and headed out for what awaits him. Now Prince William traveled for many miles and came across a farmer shoveling hay. Prince William asked this farmer "My good sir what path leads to the Dark Castle," "I need to return this box to its owner." The farmer gave Prince William a gentleman smile and said 
  "Oh it's this path that leads to the Dark Castle," "do not take the other path that path leads to sudden death."  Prince William paid the good Farmer for his good deed and took the path that leads to the Dark Castle, with Prince Williams back turned the Farmer put on a evil grin on his face and his eyes turned dark red then he vanished into thin air. 
  Prince William and his horse entered the woods and the clouds began to block the sun. Prince William heard strange noises, these noises were scaring his horse. Prince William used positive words to calm his horse down. Prince William saw eyes in the dark woods and these creatures pop their heads out behind the trees, and Prince William pulled his sword from his holster and started waving his sword  shouting. "Be gone you evil creatures." 
  Then all of a sudden Goblin creatures jumped out behind the trees started attacking William. William starts swinging his sword back and forth cutting the Goblins in half, after his encounter with the Goblins. Prince William thought to himself that the Farmer tricked him. Prince William and his horse got on to the right path and headed their way to the Dark Castle. Prince William and his horse arrived at the doors of the Dark Castle.
   The doors opened up and there inside was a dark throne room and standing in the throne room was a old man in robes, Prince William remembered that this old man was the one that gave the box to his father. Then the old man pulled back his robe and he was covered in wrinkles all over his body and his face was covered with a gray, white, and black goatee and he was dressed up in a purple sorcerer gown. 
  He said "You've done well Young Prince you are the only one that actually exceeded my test." Prince William asked the sorcerer "What is this all about?" the sorcerer replied to Prince William's question. "Young Prince I'm dying and I need someone to replace me to be the next evil sorcerer and rule my Castle." Prince William shouted out raising his sword "I will never replace you evil sorcerer." 
  Prince William charged at the sorcerer, and the Sorcerer raised his hand and a lightning bolt jolted out of his hand and hit William off his horse. As Prince William flew back, his ukulele attached to his horse's saddle flew on the ground next to his side. And then the sorcerer saw the ukulele and was frightened and scared. Prince William saw this and grabbed his ukulele and started to play a song and sang out loud.
  Then the evil sorcerers body started to shake and he covered his ears screaming out and then the sorcerers body went up in flames, skin was melting from his body. The Sorcerer begain screaming a evil scream, and on the ground lied the sorcerer burnt to crisp all ashes and bone. Prince William put a smile on his face and kissed his ukulele, and then Prince William saw doors that lead to other rooms in the castle.              
   Prince William entered those doors it brought him down to a chamber full of gold and riches he bagged up some of the gold and then got back on his horse and took off to head home. Prince William got home he was greeted by many people with open arms. His Father and Mother and his Sisters were so happy to see him. Prince William told his family of his adventure. 
  The King sent out a few knights to go collect the rest of the gold at the Dark Castle. At the end of the day Prince William was the only one who could pass the sorcerer's test and he did it with positivity and a good attitude this is what helped him be Fearless and also his father granted him the position of being his first best knight in all of the Kingdom. And William and his family lived happily ever after

(The End)


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