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Who am I?
Who do they want me to be?
Being a person in today’s society comes with too much judgment, and we forget who we really are. Don’t be who others want you to be. Be what you are. Don’t live a life of desire, to end up never achieving your dreams. Drown out the noise and push forth with the life you want to live.

Life can be beautiful if we find happiness in it. But if we are stuck at boring jobs with boring people and a boring schedule. You will come to the end and regret living in the arms of society. We can’t change how people view us we can only change how we view ourselves. 

People will tell you that you’re unrealistic, and that you won’t be able to pay the bills, maybe your parents, grandparents, friends or, kids. But you have to be able to thank them for their opinion and move on.

Enjoy life because you only get one chance. People say you only live once, but we live every single day and we die once, so if you had a bad day today get up and try again tomorrow. 

If you are reading this I want you to make sure you’re living to the fullest extent of your happiness. So I leave you with this question, Are you alive, or just breathing?


  • Jul 26, 2020

  • Jul 26, 2020

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