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It was the hauntin' of the night,
The present isn't so bright,
The past was done away,
Smacked me and told me to sod away,
I glanced myself in my reflection as the tears go down.

She was sittin' with her face gloomy,
Listenin' to some ballad about duty,
Her husband was taken away,
By the arms of jingoism and war mongers,
Now as i write this 'word',don't consider it to be narcissism,
Her tears go down on her naked breast,
Her pain can't be reckoned if i'm bein' honest,
No drop of zeal or zest was left.

He was sittin' by the sunset,
Rememberin' her wife's memories from past to present,
Hollyann had a cancer to cede,
Instead God signed her death accede,
His tears go down to mingle with her wife's soul.

They were sittin' by the evenin',
Watchin' the children go by,
PCOS took her chance of being a mother,
This desire is going to haunt her life,
Her tears go down to rest upon her husband's fingers.

He was sittin' in his room,
Lights of his room were gloom,
Coz his lover gave him emancipation, 
The outcome of his ramification,
His tears go down as the newborn baby's cry.

She was all out of love for her lover,
Now she's plucking the petals of her flower,
She was deserted by her nathan,
Her looks were now in abdication,
Her tears go down for her 'resentment'.

Linda was alone again,
Wonder if anybody could decipher her disdain,
Her marriage couldn't last more than a year,
Looks like her husband was the 'son(imaginary) of King Lear',
Her tears go down as she lay in distress.

He tried so hard to make it through,
But the system made him a spit ball and threw,
Lines of vexation align his face,
His tears go down in his solitary grave.



  • Jul 27, 2020

  • Titas Sengupta

    Titas Sengupta


    Jul 28, 2020

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