Where's The Ground? Read Count : 11

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Looking for peace.
That one bit of relief.
I'm just looking for peace.
They say love will be my release.
Though I no longer hold that leash.

I keep running.
Afraid of losing.
It's always the same thing.
So I start numbing my being.
To try to feel nothing.

I'm stuck in a battle.
An infinite struggle.
There's no lever I can toggle.
Nothing there, just a rattle.
A constant reminder telling me not to follow.

I keep waiting.
I keep pacing.
I keep praying.
I keep straining.
When's all that finally going to be ending?

I'm sick of wondering.
Growing tired from wandering.
I need somewhere to ground my footing.
Maybe it's too much that I'm asking.
So I always end up rejecting.


  • Jul 26, 2020

  • Jul 26, 2020

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