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If i were to play this game called "would you rather" and something comes up as
"Go back 30 years in past" or vice versa,i would choose the first option rather than the latter one.
Here in this writing,i have touched subjects such as love and music.

Love-Modern love if precisely put into words equals to "physical rush", love is something that everyone craves for since time immemorial but today the definition of this four letter word has changed drastically. It is no more of engazement of two lovers in a bond of fondness and warmth but rather it is of 'intimacy'.
The desire to fulfil one's bodily needs is the need of today's culture. Gone are days when love had its essence on society, be it the love for a mother or for a girl/woman/wife. Today one night stays,sexual pleasures,etc are more relevant. Now even the 'term' of lovers has also diminshed to a great extent. At the first meet,they are panglossian and then after a few days(not even weeks) they are pessimist, start looking for a substitute because the romantic love wasn't meant to last long more than week,or was it? Even the couples in  four year relationships doesn't seem to work their way more than this timeline, i can't imagination more cynic in this 'modern perrenial word'.

Music- remember the 80s,the music that used to produced those days is incomparable to today's music. I vividly remember this song "we built this city" is among the worst songs of the 80s decade but if i were to compare it with todays chart toppers,it would simply sod them away. O  do you remember the toto,reo speedwagon,journey...i love that era.


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