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It was quiet all through the house when I heard something crash into my window. It was the wee hours of the morning. The crash brought me out of bed wide awake with Poor Freeway hanging onto my shirt for dear life! I gently put her on my shoulder. Then I said, "Freeway you need to stay very quiet. She rubbed against my neck so I knew she had heard me." I had my gun in my hand when someone touched my shoulder. I spun and was ready to poke whoever just touched me. He said, "easy it's just me, daddy Dillon." Of course the second I saw him I lowered my fist, "sorry but I don't know what's going on." I also had a flashlight but hadn't turned it on.  Mama Maddy and Mama Liv were also awake with guns drawn. That's what happens when you have a houseful of cops. I opened the curtain and shined the light out the window. To my surprise it was a cat clinging to the screen staring in at me. And as I looked at her I realized she had wings. I had never seen a winged cat before. I opened the window and took the screen off. Daddy Dillon took the screen from me and turned it so I could grab the cat. She was shivering. And softly meowing. I took her by the scruff at first and unhooked her from the screen then I put my other hand under her. I brought her in the room careful not to catch her wings on the window. Her wings looked like bat wings. Mama Liv was right there with a blanket which we wrapped her up in. Mama Maddy had gone down stairs and got some warm milk and some food cut up real small. She dove into the food. I had to slow her down by taking the food away and telling her to try to slow down or she would be sick. I gave it back to her and she ate a bit slower but the poor thing was so hungry. She then lit into the warm milk. She drank so fast she started coughing. So she did slow down on that. And if she went to fast I would cover the bowl with my hand. Then give it back to her. It took a while for her to eat and drink everything because I intervened. I told her she would get plenty more a bit later. She looked at me so sadly. I thought my heart would break. I put her on my bed, tucked her into the blanket and kissed her. She kissed me back and started purring and went to sleep. Mama Koala took a look at her and she went back to sleep. "Have any of you seen a winged cat before?" Everyone said, "no." Daddy Dillon said, "I've heard of them but I just thought it was a tall tail because I've never seen one." "Well you've seen one now! I'm going to start coffee any one else want a cup?" "Yes," everyone said. So we all had a couple cups of coffee then headed back to bed.


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