Jake And Charlie Read Count : 12

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Jake woke up and got out of bed.And he gave his dog Charlie breakfast and ate his breakfast.Charlie was Jake's best friend.Jake found him in a dark alley all alone.He thought his real owner just didn't care about him and just left him there.He looked cold, scared,and hungry.So Jake took him home and took really good care of him.They did everything together.They went on walks together, they would go for a ride on Jake's motorcycle together, and they would take naps together.They would do everything together.And together they were one heck of a team.But one day they were going for a walk.And Charlie heard something strange so he barked really loud then bolted off and Jake lost grip of the leash.Jake ran after Charli but he was no we're to be seen.Jake went around calling for Charlie and trying to find him for a whole hour eventually he gave up.Jake went home crying his eyes out.That night Jake couldn't sleep thinking about Charlie not knowing if he was ok.Then out of no where Jake heard barking Jake rushed out side.And there he was "Charlie" Jake shouted.He ran to him and huged him they were finally back as a team.


  • such a inspirational story

    Jul 26, 2020

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