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Saturday morning I was in my bedroom 

just woke up from the slumber, 

I put on my morning clothes on 

got everything ready 

she told me where is he going to meet you”, 

I replied at Starbucks in Bellevue 

when is time to go to. 

She took me to met you 

after drop me off 

drove back home, 

I walked over to you, 

we sat down and begun 

talked to each other, 

you say to me are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?

I replied I’m not that hungry right now”, 

we begun to watched a video of Chinese Kung fu about a half an hour we didn’t knew what time is it was two of my friends, 

one of them texted me he had said to me you’re the one who invited us to hang out you’re being irresponsible to our plan”. 

His girlfriend begun to called me where are you right now, we’re had finished our dinner”, I didn’t knew how to replied 

I hand out my phone to you, she say something to you, while you’re talked to her on the phone

After the conversation ended, I never knew their derogation she talked to you about change of plan. 

But haven’t talked to me about it, 

I didn’t knew I’ll make it even worst

it’s would be better if you let me knew

what she had told you, I wouldn’t make it 

into a big mess. 

Can you just told me what is the change of plan? 

Two of us walked to the bus stop 

waited for the bus to arrive, 

it’s had pulled over 

we got on to the bus, 

sat on our seats 

I felt comfortable when 

I lean on your shoulder. 

When we got there 

walked all over to find them, 

my phone buzzed 

she called me say where are you?", 

I replied to her we try to find you can’t see where are you? 

She said to me we’re inside the mall just go inside of Macy’s two-sided doors, and kept going, and you’ll see me sat on the chair next to the tall tree". 

He and I got in the big mall 

find the tall tree next to it, 

we find her I said to her where is your partner? 

She said he’s in the washroom he’ll be out soon", finally he got out while we’re walking 

I said I’m hungry if you’ll won’t mind if we go back to the massive fancy diner

He said to me we’re not going back to that diner anymore!”, with an angry tone of voice it’s vibrate into my ears got into my head, it’s affect my whole body like a molten lava I can’t believe what I just heard from him. 

My mouth were moist can’t form anything to say, but my whole body can’t take it any longer action of mine begun to explode, I’ve not noticed, I made you look bad in front of them. 

Why can I be so selfish?  

At that moment all I care 

how its affect me and my own feelings, 

I’ve not think what I did to you 

my head wasn’t in a proper state, 

I didn’t mean to just walk away 

without told you where I go. 

Why this had to happen? 

I’m not tried to blame on anybody

at all, if he’ll use softer tone of voice I can accept it. So it’s won’t affect me as much 

I won’t walk away at the first place, 

I wouldn’t made you look bad 

knew what I did was unacceptable,

I’m not the only one 

I had to face my own mistakes, 

after they left we’re walked to 

McDonald’s to eat dinner 

until she came. 

We got our stuff head out 

before that you told her, 

about what I did 

at that moment, 

I felt like you stab behind my back 

its made me had doubts. 

Do I want to be in a relationship? 

How could you had told her 

about my mistakes? 

Can you just told me directly? 

she  and I took you back to 

your father’s house, 

you whispered into her ears 

about something I begun to felt suspicious of you, I’ve begun to felt uncomfortable when you begun to talked to this Japanese girl about my mistakes. 

Can you just told me directly? 

Exhausted by everything had been going on 

you’re made my head like a mixing bowl 

 I’m about to faint onto the ground 

my eyes begun to closed 

I try my best to become good girlfriend to you, 

I thought you loved me with your whole heart, 

and you stab me behind my back like a knife. 

How could you do that to me? 

you promise me we do this together 

if you really love me you should, 

did it differently instead of doing this

red liquid oozed out from my body 

color of my lips turn white as snow, 

the skin begun to disappear human body of mine shattered into thousand pieces. 

Would you understand my pain? 

bury me underneath my grave 

never be seen again, 

the sky turn gray 

it’s started to rain, 

is like I am crying in pain

whatever the weather appear 

it’s how I would feel. 


  • Jul 25, 2020

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